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Incense for Money, Love & Protection✨

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Great to use while burning your candle, meditation, journaling/scripting & a spiritual bath. 


Open Roads: opens doors to anything you desire. money, a promotion, start a business, find love etc 

Attract Money: help you to attract money. money falling from different places.

Business: increases money and bring in more clients/customers.

Call Money: draws in money.

Meditation: creates a zen atmosphere.

Divine Healing: relieves stress, helps with emotional wounds, eases the release of trauma.

Frankincense-Myrrh: protection, purification, healing.

Patchouli: Money, Lust, Fertility.

The Sun: Courage, Balance, Strength, Blessings. Great to light on Sunday’s for the Sun.

The Moon: Healing, Dream Work, Balance. Great to light on Monday’s for the Moon.

Chamomile: Brings in money & love.

Mugwort: Enhance lucid dreaming and astral traveling.

Go Away Evil: Removes negative energies.